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Code that makes money stinks.

Monday, May 9, 2022

Complaining about code quality is easy. Writing code that turns a profit is infinitely harder.

Your instincts might tell you to clean up technical debt. Or you might want to write a feature, or fix a bug.

But should you do it? Is it worth the expense in terms of dollars? Aesthetics, code quality, feature richness, even reliability are unimportant compared to the bottom line.

Which is exactly why code that makes money stinks. Most of the time, it ain’t worth fixing.

Instead, choose simpler technology that’s easier to manage. Talk to your users. Get involved on the business side. Write less code. You’re not just a coder, you’re a problem solver. So solve problems with your whole skillset. Not just with your programming skills.

You’ll have more fun, write better code, build better products, and make more money.


Monarch Wadia

Monarch is a senior software developer and startup CEO, and his work centers around the intersection of software engineering and online community building.

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