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Push it anyway.

Saturday, May 7, 2022

If you’re a developer who is looking for work, you need to treat your LinkedIn like a dealership and your Github like a mechanic shop.

When you walk into a car dealership, everything is spotless clean and polished-down, almost sterile. And that’s how it should be, because the job of the dealership is to help create an environment in which you and your family feel comfortable purchasing a car. Being a clean, welcoming, and neutral place is part of the function of the dealership.

When you walk into a mechanic shop, it’s very clear that you’ve entered a workroom. There are loose parts lying around, stained and well-worn tools, cars that are half-taken-apart, and the smell of sweat and grease in the air. Being clean is a nice bonus, but it isn’t really necessary.

Github is a mechanic shop, not a dealership. I expect to see broken code, half-finished projects, and little fun experiments that you worked on and then abandoned. I want to see you working on your craft on your Github. A pretty Github is a nice-to-have, but an empty Github calendar can be a turn-off.

If you want other software developers to take you seriously, treat your LinkedIn like a dealership and your Github like a mechanic shop. Never the other way around.

Is it broken? Push it anyway. If it’s abandoned, leave it up there. My Github is a graveyard of dead projects.


Monarch Wadia

Monarch is a senior software developer and startup CEO, and his work centers around the intersection of software engineering and online community building.

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