We build vibrant communities around ethical software.

We write software that respects users' rights, design audience journeys that empower your users, and grow communities full of fans.

Community before MVP

Your software product is only as good as the community that uses and supports it.

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Community bootstrapping framework

This is a very basic community bootstrapping framework, but it should help you get started with your own community.

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Hiring versus recruiting

Trust when recruiting. Verify when hiring. Mistakes happen when you do the opposite.

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We're still a very new profession.

We often forget how incredibly *new* software engineering is, and that we would benefit greatly from learning from other fields.

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We'll see.

There was once a wise farmer. One day, her prize horse ran away.

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Code that makes money stinks.

Aesthetics, code quality, feature richness, even reliability are unimportant compared to the bottom line.

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Software engineers make choices that ripple through the economy.

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Push it anyway.

Treat your LinkedIn like a dealership and your Github like a mechanic shop.

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The Folkwise Podcast

people around a gold sphere

Episode 2

With his insight into the world of transmedia, our guest Jeff Gomez shares his own story about starting an enterprise that helps other businesses establish their narrative. We also touch on friction in storytelling, along with the current state of social media.


host david

David Marshall


jeff gomez

Jeff Gomez